USB Type-C plug for vertical mounting

May 07, 2020 //By julien happich
USB Type-C
The vertical mount USB4151 is GCT’s first USB Type-C plug connector with a compact footprint and enhanced PCB stability.

GCT has launched a vertically mounted USB USB Type-C connector that can reduce the size of handheld scanners, wearable technology and docking stations.

The USB4151 has a high level of integrity when mounted considering its small PCB footprint as the connector is reinforced with five shell stakes in addition to two locating pegs. This is a critical requirement when designing equipment for charging and docking applications. Competing products in the market today often have a large insulator base for stability, which comes at the expense of a larger footprint.

The new connector has all the features of the USB Type-C 3.1, including data speeds up to 10Gbps, 5.0A current rating and a reversible form factor. When paired with GCT’s USB4070 Vertical Type-C receptacle, both connectors create a complete solution for equipment using a docking configuration, such as handheld scanners, wearable technology and docking stations.


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