World’s largest organic solar cell film installation in Germany

October 18, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
World’s largest organic solar cell film installation in Germany
Energy supplier Innogy and the port operator Duisport have installed 185 m2 of organic photovoltaic film from Heliatek on a hall facade in the river port of Duisburg. The test installation consists of 192 HeliaSol foils, each 3m long, making it the largest organic photovoltaic (OPV) facade installation to date.

The installed solar foils generate approximately as much energy as a 4 to 5 person household consumes per year. Due to the efficient manufacturing process and use of materials, the solar films produce 80 times more energy over their lifetime than is used for their production. With an output of 20g CO2 per kWh, Heliatek claims to leave the lowest CO2 footprint of all other types of energy generation.

The solar façade is part of one of a total of four fields of cooperation and a multitude of measures implemented within the sustainability strategy between innogy and duisport. Duisburger Hafen AG is the operator of the world's largest inland port and intends to position itself as the hub of the energy revolution. This is why duisport launched a strategic partnership with innogy in 2016 to jointly test new ways of saving energy and using renewable energies for logistics and industry.

HeliaSol is a lightweight, very thin solar film produced in an energy-saving roll-to-roll process. Equipped with a self-adhesive backing, the film can be applied directly to a variety of surfaces without impairing the structure underneath. In the Duisburg project, the solar foils were glued directly onto the metal facade of the warehouse. Rear ventilation is not necessary, as the films do not degrade at high temperatures in contrast to crystalline solar technology and therefore do not have to be cooled.

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