World first of five minute drone fast charging 

July 29, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Battery nanotechnology startup StoreDot has demonstrated ultrafast charging of a drone in just five minutes
Battery nanotechnology startup StoreDot has demonstrated fast charging of a drone in just five minutes

The fast charging comes from the nanotechnology developed by StoreDot for lithium ion batteries, which trades off some energy density and cycle lifetime.

“Our vision is five minutes – five minutes full charging of any electric vehicle,” said Doron Myersdorf CEO of StoreDot. “We have demonstrated a two wheeler and we are working on a four wheeler.”

StoreDot was founded 8 years ago in Israel and has raised $130m. Strategic partners include TDK for cell manufacturing, car and truck maker Daimler, Samsung for consumer equipment including mobile phones and BP for charging infrastructure.

The company has 57 patents granted and 48 in process on nanotech metalliods of tin, silicon and germanium, all known to have high diffusion and low resistance for lithium ions used in the cell. “The challenge is to replace the materials in the battery particularly the graphite, which limits the fast charging and to do that we need to rethink the materials,” said Myersdorf.

Storedot also develops organic compounds as 3D binders, protecting silicon with a polymer style material that will give it the flexibility to absorb the ions but make sure there are no cracks or impurities as it inflates and deflates during charging. Some of the binders are self healing so if there are cracks they heal over time.

The demonstration uses the first generation cells that are now starting to sample.

“At the end of 2018 we signed a manufacturing partnership with EVE Energy in Shenzen and we are working very closely with them to release Gen 1 which is ready for sampling and most likely they will produce Gen 2 among other partners,” said Myersdorf.

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