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June 12, 2018 //By Emma Cygan
Women in engineering: Debunking myths
The theme for International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) 2018 is raising the bar. However, perhaps it's time to use this bar to quash a few misconceptions instead.  

‘Women aren't supported by their employers’

Wrong again. At Pailton Engineering, I am currently being sponsored to study for an engineering bachelor's degree at Coventry University. This is a part time course that requires me to attend classes two evenings a week. I will also be expected to carry out an industry focused dissertation, researching a specific area of engineering. If Pailton Engineering wasn't investing in me, or didn't see a future with me as a key decision maker in the company, then this investment wouldn’t have been made.

INWED 2018 focuses on raising the bar for women in engineering, but before we can heighten expectations for female engineers, there are still a plenty of myths and misconceptions to quash about working in the industry.

I hope I've raised the bar for other women to start an engineering career, even if I did use this bar to obliterate the myths that are currently circulating —someone had to do it!


About the author:

Emma Cygan is Design and Development engineer at steering system supplier Pailton Engineering - www.pailton.com

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