Wireless power in AA format creates 'forever battery'

November 14, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
Wireless power in AA format creates 'forever battery'
Ossia has created the world's first wirelessly-powered alternative to disposable AA batteries.

The Cota ‘Forever Battery’ puts a long distance wireless power receiver into an AA battery format. The technology can receive up to 4W from a nearby RF transmitter, and includes a data link.

The Forever Battery can retrofit devices to receive real wireless power without plugs, wires, or charging pads, and the Cota transmitter can power multiple Forever Batteries in motion, without line of sight, at a distance. The Forever Battery is safe and does not interfere with other wireless technologies, and the AA format is just the start says the company.

By adding power and data capabilities, Forever Battery transforms 'dumb' devices into Smart devices, allowing millions of already-deployed devices to be integrated into the Internet of Things. Once placed in a device, Forever Batteries enables the user to monitor and partially control that device from the Cota Cloud web platform or mobile app. Users can manage power usage and even connect battery-operated devices to communicate with each other.

While Ossia pitches the Forever Battery as a replacement for AA batteries in consumer equipment, there is a more limited number of appropriate applications that are relatively low power and relatively static. Ossia sees the batteries in security systems, locks, thermostats, remote controls, leak detectors, and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

"Forever Battery bridges the gap between the battery-wire age and the wireless power era," said Mario Obeidat, CEO of Ossia. "When people see how Cota Real Wireless Power can be implemented in a AA battery, they will start to see the vision of Cota everywhere. The Forever Battery will create awareness of Cota and provide confidence that devices will be powered when it matters."

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