Wireless charging chip supports over 2.5W for NFC

February 26, 2020 //By Julien Happich
wireless charging
The PTX100W NFC wireless charging IC from Panthronics provides an output power of 2.5W at the antenna,

The PTX100W makes wireless charging via an NFC interface suitable for any device with a battery smaller than 500mAh. The 2.5W output power enables much faster charging, making it viable for manufacturers of consumer devices that only have space for a small antenna to eliminate the wired charging circuit from next-generation product designs.

Qi wireless charging, while popular in smartphones, is unsuitable for smaller devices because it requires a large antenna and costly circuitry. Qi antennas also lose charging efficiency unless precisely aligned. In contrast, NFC wireless charging relies on a small antenna and has a high tolerance to misalignment.

The patented sine wave architecture developed by Panthronics removes the need for lossy EMC filter circuitry, enabling OEMs to achieve an antenna matching impedance some two times lower than that of a conventional solution relying on an EMC filter. These two features enable the PTX100W NFC charger to drive much higher power through an NFC antenna than existing NFC ICs can do, while minimizing the power losses introduced by external components. The PTX100W also supports NFC data communication while charging.

Panthronics and Renesas have developed a demonstration design of a wireless charging system for a wearable device, based on the PTX100W and a Renesas Synergy S128 MCU, and follows a strategic deal between the two companies. The PTX100W NFC charger, which has a standard serial peripheral interface for communication, is compatible with any standard low-power MCU device.

Panthronics - www.panthronics.com

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