Vertical wind turbine concept to harness transport-generated turbulences

February 14, 2011 // By Julien Happich
Vertical wind turbine concept to harness transport-generated turbulences
Industrial designer Luis Castanheira Santos described on his blog a new wind turbine concept for urban environments, taking advantage of the traffic-generated air turbulences. The aim of the Voltair concept is to use wind energy as it could be generated by the movement of transportation vehicles such as automobiles, motorcycles, trains, etc.

The motion-generated wind could be harnessed by vertical axis turbines mounted along the axes of motorways, on top of New Jersey barriers that divide the directions of traffic lanes. The energy produced will be used to supply the infrastructure to support different transport routes and associated equipment, making them self-sustaining.

The Voltair modular product should be flexible, installed at strategic locations, such as suburban transport, railways or motorways. The turbines can be applied to sections of road with light or infrastructures that require electricity and that support these transportation routes such as petrol stations, toll roads or service areas.

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