A USB Type-C dev kit for power delivery up to 100W

February 12, 2019 //By Julien Happich
A USB Type-C dev kit for power delivery up to 100W
Built from proven USB-Type C technology from STMicroelectronics, Würth Elektronik’s USB Type-C Development Kit is ready for immediate use in prototypes and represents a reference design for safe and flexible USB Power Delivery applications up to 100W.

Reversible and able to carry up to 100W of charging power (from 5V/0.1A up to 20V/5.0A), USB Type-C connectors are backward compatible with the functionality of both legacy Type-A and -B ports. The USB Type-C Development Kit provides a robust solution with embedded protection against short-circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent and electromagnetic interference. The complete and ready-to-use solution comes with evaluation boards and a demonstration board for sink and source applications from 0,5W up to 100W. These boards can be used without any extra software or firmware for faster development time. The USB Type-C Development Kit includes three assembled boards and a high current rating USB Type-C cable.

The first board is the 40W Source Evaluation Board with the STUSB4710 autorun controller and on-board DC/DC converter from ST. The STUSB4710 integrates all the digital and high-voltage analog circuitry needed to autonomously support full USB PD negotiation. It supports up to 5 Power Data Objects (PDO) and power-sharing applications thanks to its I²C interface. Typical applications are power-source applications such as AC adapters, power supplies, power hubs, smart plugs and DC-DC applications.

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