UL opens European EV charging test centre

May 21, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
UL opens European EV charging test centre
The UL test and certification group has opened an EV Charging Test Centre in Frankfurt

The UL EV charging test centre in Neu-Isenburg includes charging infrastructure components and functional safety testing and certification as well as homologation services. UL says this adds significantly more testing capacity to the European market and empowers the electric vehicle charging industry, including EV charging and component manufacturers, infrastructure owners and start-ups with shorter development cycles.

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) says at least 2.8 million public EV charging ports will be needed by 2030 across Europe which will drive the need for more lab capacity and certification.

The new facility also provides vehicle to grid (V2G) testing up to 250kW for energy storage and distributed energy resource applications and allows EVs to integrate into the utility grid and serve as grid back-up power for home, buildings and other uses.

The testing facilities addressing different types of charging used around the world, from AC cable assembly for regular household outlet and AC portable EV supply equipment with in-cable control and protection device to AC chargers with wall boxes and ground mounted chargers in residential or public space and DC charging wall boxes and stations up to 350 kW.

The centre can also certify system for the US with Level 1 and Level 2 for AC charging up to 12 kW and DC Level 1 and 2 (Level 3) for DC fast charging up to 350 kW

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The facility offers EV simulators with full power capabilities for DC fast charger testing, bidirectional EV chargers, dual test bay scenarios and for servicing large commercial vehicles and ultrafast EV charging applications. The facility also provides the convenience and capability in the local area to work directly with UL throughout every step of the testing and certification process – from sending prototypes to witnessing of testing and identifying construction related compliance issues

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