UK installs first 120kW EV charger

November 19, 2018 //By Nick Flaherty
UK installs first 120kW EV charger
Alfa Power in the UK has installed and tested a charger that can provide up to 120kW of power to electric vehicles.

For now, Alfa Power has decided to cap the supply of its system at 100kW. With the launch of the 120kW charger on the outskirts of Leeds, UK, Alfa Power has broken their own UK record of 60kW, effectively doubling the capacity of the system.

The charger is strategically positioned within the new clean air zone in Leeds, which allows the business to contribute clean fuel options for motorists in the area. Like the 60kw rapid charger, the 120kW ultra-fast charger offers simultaneous AC and DC charging options. Both these Alfa Power chargers are capable not only of quick charging but also simultaneously charging up to 4 vehicles together. Unlike any other charger in the UK market this unit offers both DC delivery options (CCS and CHAdeMO) to be used simultaneously as well as Rapid AC type 2 delivery at 43kW and an open type 2 socket that is capable of up to 22kW charging.

All the new chargers will be available for public use, with Alfa planning to roll out charging points across the UK and beyond.

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