Two team for high voltage measurement technology and real-time analysis

November 26, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Two team for high voltage measurement technology and real-time analysis
Vector in Stuttgart, Germany, has teamed up with CSM to launch an e-mobility measurement system for fast and time-synchronous multi-channel measurements in high-voltage cables and components.

In combination with CSM’s hardware modules, Vector's measurement software vMeasure exp or CANape, developers can now calculate and simultaneously display variables such as active power, efficiency, shielding current and ripple in real time. The system can be used in the development of electric drives and electric vehicles.

The system is scalable and flexible for measuring tasks on individual components up to complex analyses of complete e-vehicles. With the powerful measurement technology, the user can acquire physical signals, messages from ECU and bus communication synchronously and with high precision in one measurement. This makes it easier to identify dependencies, assess quality, check legal requirements and detect possible sources of error more quickly. The e-mobility measurement system can acquire measurement data from driver testing, on the test bench and in the laboratory. The developer receives analyses in real time instead of having to carry out evaluations in the laboratory afterwards.

The system consists of the measurement software vMeasure exp with the integrated function library eMobilityAnalyzer for analysis and real-time calculation as well as the certified CSM hardware measurement modules, which provide high-voltage safety. The e-mobility measurement system fits seamlessly into the Vector tool chain. This ensures easy connection to bus and ECU interfaces, analysis tools, automated documentation and the measurement data management system. It is suitable for users at OEMs and suppliers who develop components, vehicle electrical systems or prototypes related to electromobility.

High voltage measurement technology plays a central role in electromobility developments. Measuring electrical currents and voltages is one of the core tasks and requires much higher sampling rates than with the combustion engine. The eMobilityAnalyzer also generates valuable information in the form of calculated and derived signals such as energy flow, ripple, power or efficiency. At the same time, e-vehicles also have numerous ECUs and bus systems whose signals need to be recorded in order to better understand and analyze the interactions between the consumers.

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