Thermal solver simulates designs from the die to the enclosure

September 18, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
A temperature profile of 3D structures inside a package with metal interconnects generated by the Cadence Celsius tool
The Celsius thermal solver from Cadence combines electrical and thermal for system co-simulation

Cadence Design Systems has launched a electrical-thermal co-simulation tool for the full hierarchy of electronic systems from die to physical enclosures.

The Celsius Thermal Solver, which Cadence says is the industry’s first complete tool for system thermal analysis, follows the launch of the Clarity 3D Solver earlier this year

A massively parallel matrix solver architecture delivers up to 10X faster performance than legacy solutions without sacrificing accuracy and  integrates with Cadence IC, package and PCB implementation platforms. This enables new system analysis and design insights to detect and mitigate thermal issues early in the design process.

Chip and system designs face increasing thermal challenges, particularly with 3D IC packaging, that can cause late-stage design modifications and iterations and derail project schedules. The Celsius Thermal Solver uses a multi-physics approach, combining finite element analysis (FEA) for solid structures with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for fluids. It also suports analysis of static (steady-state) and dynamic (transient) electrical-thermal co-simulations based on the actual flow of electrical power in advanced 3D structures, providing visibility into real-world system behaviour.

This allows complete system analysis in the one tool. Combined with the Clarity 3D Solver, Voltus IC Power Integrity and Sigrity signal integrity tools  for PCB and IC packaging, designers can perform both electrical and thermal analysis and simulate the flow of both electricity and heat for a more accurate system-level thermal simulation. 

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