Temperature boost for lithium ion capacitor to 105°C

February 12, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
Temperature boost for lithium ion capacitor to 105°C
The 100F Lithosion LIC1840RH3R8107 lithium ion capacitor from Taiyo Yuden operates up to 105°C

Taiyo Yuden has developed a lithium ion capacitor that can operate up to 105°C for backup power in smart meters and servers.

The 100F Lithosion LIC1840RH3R8107 lithium ion capacitor is 40mm long with a diameter of 18mm, and when used at 3.5 V, the upper limit of the operating temperature can reach +105°C, 20°C higher than the previous  LIC1840RS3R8107 (φ18 x 40 mm, 100F) which has an operating temperature range from -30 to +85°C.

Servers and drive recorders require an emergency power supply as backup for data protection in the event of an emergency such as a power failure or accident. On the other hand, smart meters, which require a large amount of energy within a short period of time for wireless data transmission, are equipped with a power storage device for peak assistance to supplement their power supply. Both applications need the short term energy stoarge of the 100F capacitor, but operate in high temperature environments. This usually requires more cooling or other more expensive design solutions.

Optimising the materials and construction of the LIC1840RH3R8107 lithium ion capacitor for reliable operation at higher temperatures reduces the need for the additional cooling, reduces costs and boosts system reliablity which is key in both smart meter and server applications.


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