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April 10, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
Telit tackles power in the cellular Internet of Things
Power is an increasingly important part of the Internet of Things, and chip maker Telit in Israel is adding a cloud-based layer to configure edge nodes to get the best possible battery life. Nick Flaherty talks to Alon Segal about the OneEdge technology.

“On the device, we have a lightweight M2M URC (Unsolicited Result Code) object model that is extensible, we onboard it into a device management platform for example for narrowband services. We have seen this in the US with network upgrades in Cat1, you need to be able to update the nodes and publish data from the device easily.”

“With the extensible object model I can add the IO, temperature sensing or whatever , and use the same infrastructure that I am using for the meta data using the same constructs for the customer data. This is all managed so it can be all turned off at any point in time, and it is delivered directly to wherever it needs to go without needing an API, to Azure, to Amazon Web Services, wherever. All we are doing is saying where the data is to go.”

All of this will help drive the use of cellular IoT technologies, he says.

“I think there’s a bright future for narrowband and Cat M – it is very much gaining momentum and we see more deployments on a global scale and more differentiated from one that’s depended on the skills sets for maintaining unlicensed deployments. There’s also more elements in private LTE which is also a viable alternative.”

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