Tackling the power challenges of the smart home : Page 2 of 2

September 06, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
EMI challenges from the power supply compromised smart cameras in a holiday home and can be solved by a filter
EMI challenges from the power supply compromised cameras in a holiday home

“Even though Alan’s problem was a very specific one that not many people have encountered, REO’s team was quickly able to identify the best solution. They also sent him a whitepaper, about how inverters can cause power issues with ethernet over a mains supply, to help him further understand the issue," said Steve Hughes, managing director at REO.

“Big inverter systems are not commonly used domestically but are creeping into things like swimming pool heating systems and renewable generating systems. The CNW 541 was best suited, as it’s commonly used in industrial electronics or engineering applications.”

REO also suggested that Beale install a CNW901 choke, alongside the EMC filter, to handle the substantial single-phase maximum current generated by the heater upon startup, which sometimes exceeds 25A. The CNW901/35 supports 35 A for a bigger safety margin without a huge difference in cost.

“The installation couldn’t have been simpler and took half a day. A couple of queries were solved by following the drawings of installations on REO’s website. As soon as the filter and choke were connected, the problem was solved,” said Beale.


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