Synchronous 36V DC-DC converter for industrial designs

June 10, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Synchronous DC-DC converter takes 12 and 24V inputs
Torex Semiconductor has launched a DC-DC converter range with a 36V input and 600mA output for industrial equipment and consumer appliances.

The XC9268 DC-DC converter series has a maximum input voltage of 36V, making it suitable for use as a power supply for step-down from a 12V or 24V input line.

The low minimum input voltage of 3.0V makes a maximum d uty of 100% possible, so it can also be applied as a component in an input OR circuit used with a backup line. The operation mode is PWM / PFM automatic switching control. 83% (V IN = 12V, V OUT = 5.0V, I OUT = 1mA) efficiency is realized in the standby load state such as microcontroller.

Even with heavy load in the active state, the DC-DC converter series  achieves 85% or more efficiency and high efficiency is realized in the entire load area. S witching frequency can be selected from either 1.2MHz or 2.2MHz and since it operates by PWM control.

The soft-start time has been set internally to be 2.0ms (Typ.), but a time longer than the internal soft-start can be set optionally depending on the resistance and capacity connected to the EN/SS terminal.

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