Sync module adds smarts to active harmonic filter

April 29, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
Schaffner has launched a sync module for the ecosine active harmonic filter sync series to mitigate excessive harmonics.
Schaffner has launched a sync module for the ecosine series of active harmonic filter series to mitigate excessive harmonics.

The SYNC300A sync module offers flexibility of installation, scalability of mitigation current and harmonic filter capability, smart load management and efficiency, redundancy, reliability and connectivity.

The optional SYNC300A sync module completes the ecosine active sync series FN 3530/31/40/41, FN 3532/42 and FN 3545 by adding a number of smart features. Based on the same modular compact concept, the SYNC300A offers flexibility for open or closed loop current control. Regardless of whether the current transducers are installed on grid or load side; with the sync module there is only one CT connection point to the filter’s system.

The sync module facilitates the scalability and extensibility of the filter system. The SYNC300A can connect and manage up to 5 x FN 3530 (3-wire) or FN 3540 (4-wire) power modules, building a system filter up to 300 A. Additionally by connecting 4 sync modules together a mitigation current of up to 1200 A can be easily reached as one active harmonic filter system with one CT connection point.

The sync module offers additional advantages including complying with the demands of Industry 4.0 and allowing smart load management. The intelligent control of the sync module senses the real time demand for compensation current in the ecosine active sync filters and adjusts the usage of the installed power modules. In periods of lower mitigation current demand, the SYNC300A can de-rate power modules or put them on standby in order to reduce energy consumption and increase the lifetime of components.

Smart control of the sync module and the modular concept of the ecosine active sync family allows redundancy, ensuring continuity of operation and minimizing shut down time for customer applications. Communication options include PLC or Ethernet TCP/IP.

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