Switching regulator with wide voltage targets automotive designs

June 25, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
Switching regulator with wide voltage targets automotive designs
STMicroelectronics has launched an automotive switching regulator with a wide input-voltage range that allows use in trucks and buses, and an adjustable output voltage for voltage rails in infotainment and telematics system designs.

With maximum input voltage of 61V, the A7987 switching regulator can operate from a 24V battery in a conventional or hybrid/electric vehicle and maintain a regulated output despite disturbances such as load-dump. The output is adjustable from 0.8V up to the input voltage, with low dropout, and can provide up to 3A for a wide variety of loads from logic to lighting.

The current limit and switching frequency up to 1.5MHz are set with external pulldown resistors, letting designers create compact power modules by optimizing the output-inductor size. Pulse-by-pulse current sensing with digital frequency foldback in short-circuit minimizes stress on power components to enhance reliability. Thermal protection is built-in, with shutdown and auto-recovery to minimize reliance on external intervention.

The A7987 switching regulator embeds a low-resistance N-channel power MOSFET. At light load, pulse skipping maintains output regulation and a bias-voltage input with integrated switchover allows powering analog circuitry from an external source for optimum efficiency.

A synchronization pin allows up to five regulators to coexist by switching out of phase to avoid noise effects and reduce the RMS current flowing in the input capacitor. An Enable pin and a Power-Good indicator with adjustable delay permit power-up sequencing. There is also an adjustable soft-start function to limit inrush current.

THe switching regulator is AEC-Q100 certified and is in production now, in a 5mm x 6.4mm HTSSOP16 exposed-pad package, priced from $2.00 for orders of 1000 pieces.

ST has also released the STEVAL-ISA207V1 evaluation board, available now from  www.st.com or distributors, to accelerate new projects using the device.




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