Switching regulator in wafer-scale packaging for the IoT

July 15, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
Switching regulator in wafer-scale packaging for the IoT
Texas Instruments has launched a switching regulator with a quiescent power of 60nA to extend battery life in Internet of Things (IoT) designs.

The TPS62840 is a synchronous step-down DC-DC converter with a light-load efficiency of 80% at 1µA load, which can enable designers to extend the battery life of systems or use fewer or smaller batteries to shrink their overall power supply solution size and reduce cost.

The wide input voltage (VIN) range of 1.8 V to 6.5 V supports a variety of battery chemistries and configurations such as a single coin cell, 2S to 4S Alkaline, 1S/2S Li-MnO2 or 1S LiIon and provides an output current of up to 750 mA. This can save up to 16,980 mm3 using four AAAs instead of four AAs in an IoT node.

It also uses special circuitry to achieve an IQ current of 150 nA IQ in 100% mode to further extend battery life near the end of discharge. 

The device uses DCS-Control to cleanly power radios and operates with a typical switching frequency of 1.8 MHz. It has 16 predefined output voltages selected by connecting a resistor to pin VSET, making the device flexible for various applications with a minimum amount of external components.  The mode pin allows for continuous conduction mode, also called forced pulse-width modulation mode, to improve ripple or noise performance and lessen the impact on transmissions in sensitive radio-frequency applications.

The device’s STOP pin immediately eliminates any switching noise in order to take a noise-free measurement in data acquisition systems including narrow-band IoT, grid infrastructure equipment and wearables that require more flexibility, an extended wireless range, improved accuracy and reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Pre-production samples of the TPS62840 are now available in an 8-pin small outline no-lead (SON), measuring 1.5 mm by 2.0 mm and a 6-pin wafer chip scale package (WCSP), measuring 0.97 mm by 1.47 mm. An 8-pin thermally enhanced package (HVSSOP), measuring 3 mm by 5 mm, will become available later this year. Pricing starts at US$0.85 in 1,000-unit quantities. The TPS62840-1DLCEVM55 and TPS62840-1YBGEVM56 evaluation modules are available for US$49 each.


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