Suntech sees 20% efficiency for silicon solar cells

January 13, 2017 //By Nick Flaherty
Suntech sees 20% efficiency for silicon solar cells
Leading Chinese solar module maker Wuxi Suntech Power is claiming to have reached efficiency rates of 20% in mass production for its multicrystalline silicon cell technology.

This compares with 21% for recent perovskite cells in the laboratory that have a short lifetime. Multicrystalline cells are cheaper to produce than monocrystalline, but still more expensive than perovskite-based cells, but these ahve yet to reach mass production.

Wuxi Suntech has been focussing on improving the efficiency of the mass produced cells, with a monocrystalline solar module called HyPro that saw an efficiency of 21.3% in July last year. It developed a hydrogenation technology with the University of New South Wales in Australia to reduce the LID (light induced degradation) rate of the multicrystalline silicon solar cells to zero.

According to the average conversion efficiency of the mass production of multicrystalline silicon PERC solar cells, 72 cells module will reach 330W, which is 15W higher than the normal 315W module. 

Suntech, founded in 2001, ships solar modules under the Suntech-Yijia brand and claims to be the world's largest supplier of solar panels.

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