Startup customises inductive components

March 06, 2018 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Startup customises inductive components
Magment in Unterhaching, Germany has established an innovative business model for customers who need customized inductive power components. Customers can configure the components themselves on the computer and have them manufactured in any quantity.

Magment stands out from the crowd of suppliers mainly due to the use of magnetizable concrete for the coil core. The patented technology allows the construction of extremely cost-effective inductors. Magment's product range covers a wide range of high-current applications, such as chokes for solar energy storage systems.

Users can use the online software to compile the desired dimensions of their components themselves and request them from Magment. Magment does not have its own manufacturing facility; the component is then produced in the required quantity by a Magment partner in Eastern Europe. The company itself can thus limit its stockholding to standard enclosures with only a few variants, which is likely to have a positive effect on the price side for customers.

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