Standardized testing for Power Stamp Alliance DC-DC converters

November 06, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Standardized testing for Power Stamp Alliance DC-DC converters
LoadSlammer has joined the Power Stamp Alliance (PSA) to provide a standardised test methodology for 48V DC-Dc converters in the Power Stamp format

The Power Stamp Alliance (PSA) has added a test equipment maker to provide standardized testing for its 48V DC-DC converter designs.

LoadSlammer is a designer and manufacturer of transient load testing devices providing the option for a consistent, standardized testing methodology to users of power stamps.

This is the first time that a multi-vendor alliance around dc-dc power conversion has agreed a testing methodology and tools. Design engineers will be able to use a common, consistent, and repeatable load to significantly reduce validation and integration time, speeding their end-product to market and reducing risk in the design process. LoadSlammer estimates up to 30 per cent saving in development time depending on the user’s specific configuration.

The configurable LoadSlammer Test Tool suite allows designers of DC-DC converter systems, power chips and ASIC/CPU manufacturers to collaborate, with measurable test data in an interchangeable format.

Power Stamp Alliance Founding Members, Advanced Energy, Bel Power Solutions, Flex, and STMicroelectronics  have created and shared a specification for a standard product footprint and functions to create a multi-vendor ecosystem. This assures practical levels of alternate source capability to server and storage system manufacturers, while encouraging a competitive supply chain through differentiation in topology, circuitry, and performance from multiple, independent manufacturers. Power Stamp Alliance 48V direct conversion DC-DC modules - or ‘power stamps’ - primarily target advanced IT and supercomputing equipment and large data processing installations.

LoadSlammer, based in Poertland, Oregon, also has an adaptor from PicoTest.

The LS50 and LS1000 are used for load step testing and optimizing high current, high performance, multiphase power delivery circuits. The LS50/LS1000 can test power management solutions without any additional test equipment. Extremely high-performance circuits can be optimized and verified using the LS50/LS1000. The load steppers feature an intuitive HTML based GUI with configurable slew rate, current and voltage measurement. They offer an easy-to-use method for system designers to perform network analysis and capacitor optimization.

The LS50/LS1000 allow chip suppliers to provide specific design, test, and validation information including complex load profiles for  customer. Power Management IC develoeprscan offer fast verification of performance

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