Solid state mini relay targets automotive, industrial applications

March 23, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Solid state mini relay targets automotive, industrial applications
Eberspaecher Controls has launched a solid-state plug-in power mini relay for controlling and switching electric loads at 12V and 100A in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, offroaders, or industrial applications. 

The compact high-power solid-state plug-in relay features low control power, short response times, is silent and non-wearing in operation. In addition, it offers a long service life of several million switching cycles. Robust in design, the plug-in relay meets the electrical and mechanical demands of the automotive industry. It is able to carry 125A permanently at 25°C, and for a few minutes at 85°C. With a nominal contact resistance of just 290 µΩ, the relay features high current carrying capacity with little heat build-up. This high-power plug-in power mini relay can replace cost-intensive screw contact solutions in many applications.

Its fields of application are diverse: including in on-board subsystems, electrically heated catalytic converters, fan motors, and vacuum pumps. The relay in power-mini format can be pulse-width modulated to reduce the load current or smoothly ramp high currents on and off. Flexible application is enabled by the possibility to switch loads in high side or low side mode.

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