So where is this power revolution then?

March 09, 2018 //By Nick Flaherty
So where is this power revolution then?
The APEC (American Power Electronics Conference) in San Antonio, Texas, this week has been a good opportunity to look at the state of new power technologies that are coming to the market.

There has been a lot of talk about a new generation of wide bandgap semiconductors creating significant change in the industry, but is this revolution actually happening?

Revolutions of course have many contributing factors, and the tipping points are not always obvious. There have been several significant announcements at APEC that point to increasing adoption of both silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) devices in different ways, highlighting the feedback from the early adopters.

One of the key indicators is the large semiconductor companies moving into the market. Texas Instruments and Dialog Semiconductor have both had significant development programmes underway over the last year and these devices are being shown at the conference. European companies, from Infineon to Mitsubishi’s module partner Vincotech, have been delivering SiC transistors and modules in ever higher volumes. We are also seeing consolidation within the market, with Cree's Wolfspeed division taking over Infineon's wideband RF chip business in the US.

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