Smart meter installers retraining for EV charging points

July 30, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
Centrica is retraining its smart meter fitters to install EV charging points for electric vehicles instead.
In a sign of the changing times, Centrica is retraining its smart meter fitters to install charging points for electric vehicles (EV) instead.

UK conglomerate Centrica, which owns British Gas and power stations, is re-training its smart meter installers to fit EV charging points in the home, It has also done a deal with Ford to offer a dedicated electricity tariff for charging electric cars overnight.

“We are committed to this market and so made the decision to upskill our engineering workforce in preparation for the shift to electric vehicles. We were one of the first to start installing domestic charge points and are a preferred supplier for the large car manufacturers,” said Dave Kirwan, Managing Director UK Home at Centrica.

At the same time the company is also moving its fleet of 12,500 vehicles to fully electric, but that will take over a decade and only be completed by 2030.

The installation service wants to take 10 to 15 percent of all domestic charge point installations in the UK, helping users to pick their charger and unlock government grants towards the cost. The company is training its smart meter installers to help meet the growing demand for home chargers, much of which is expected to come through its Local Heroes application process. 

“British Gas already offers time of use tariffs for electric vehicle owners, so they can benefit from cheaper electricity off peak and we can now also help consumers find a cost effective and efficient way to install their electric vehicle charger," said Kirwan. The Ford deal builds on both the installation network and the tariff offering. 

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