Siemens to open digital battery technology centre in China with TIES

September 23, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
The Advanced Battery Technology Innovation Centre (ABTIC) will develop advanced battery technologies and help bring them to volume production with digital manufacturing.
Siemens has set up an Advanced Battery Technology Innovation Centre (ABTIC) with Chinese partner Tianmu Lake Institute of Advanced Energy Storage (TIES) to develop advanced battery technologies and help bring them to volume production.

ABTIC aims to develop and provide digital solutions for production of next generation battery technology.

The Centre at a 500 million-yuan, 51,000 square meter facility in Liyang, China, will be dedicated to transforming and upgrading the advanced battery industry, including nurturing advanced battery technology research and development.

Through the deal with Siemens Digital Industries Software, the Centre will provide design and simulation, test and analysis, pilot verification and engineering simulation. It will also advise other manufacturing operations inside and outside China with digital manufacturing construction consulting services. This will allow the Centre to drive collaboration throughout the supply chain using 'digital twins' of manufacturing lines, and allow partners to develop leading-edge battery technology to provide longer range in electric vehicles.

"As the first digital innovation center in battery field we aim to provide comprehensive digital solutions for the innovation chain and production chain, from first principle calculation to digital twin factory, from materials to systems," said Professor Hong Li, CeO of TIES. "This target is difficult to be realized but certainly worthy for long-term effort. Based on digital solutions, we believe we can understand the complex batteries and their processing precisely and produce the new batteries with unprecedented quality and reliability."

"China is fast emerging as a peer to those countries long known as leaders in battery innovation, in part due to much concerted government and private investment, of which this Siemens-TIES partnership is a prime example," said Pei Huang, CEO and Chief Analyst, at e-works, the leading media and research organization in Smart Manufacturing area in China. "The rise of China as an energy storage powerhouse is part of the much larger story of its dominance in the electric vehicle market, where it accounts for half of all EV sales globally and is expected to lead for decades to come. Given the breadth of Siemens Digital Industries Software, with enabling technologies serving most stages of the battery design, simulation and production process, also its deep relationships with EV market

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