SiC reference designs highlight power efficiency

May 21, 2018 //By Nick Flaherty
SiC reference designs highlight power efficiency
Microsemi, currently being acquired by Microchip, is showing a three-phase power factor correction (PFC) topology reference design called Vienna with SiC MOSFET driver boards, power core modules (PCMs) and hybrid power drives at the PCIM exhibition next month.

The three-phase Vienna PFC reference design is suitable for fast EV chargers and power supplies for industrial applications featuring Microsemi’s rugged next-generation SiC MOSFETs and diodes. A SiC MOSFET driver board showcasing Microsemi’s brand new SP6LI (low inductance) module featuring a stray inductance under 3 nH to fully benefit from SiC technology and designed to be easy to parallel. Up to 1200 V and 586 A.

It is also showing a SiC MOSFET driver board with Microsemi’s classic SP3 module that supports up to 400 kHz switching frequency, 12 V supply and capable of 16 W of gate drive power/side. Another SiC MOSFET driver board uses Microsemi’s SiC APTMC120AM20CT1AG power module with a SP1 package in a half bridge topology alongside ADI's ADuM4135 driver.

A 5 kVA (540 VDC) three-phase power inverter for motor drive featuring SiC MOSFETs or IGBTs designed for the Airbus standard specifications for flight-critical actuation drives includes partial discharge, solenoid drive, current and thermal sensing capabilities. This has completed and passed all DO-160 environmental and EMC certification requirements and is line replaceable unit to allow for fast field maintenance.

Another 5 kVA (540 V) three-phase power inverter for motor drive SiC MOSFETs or IGBTs is scalable to 20 kVA (540 V), designed for aircraft program with proven in-system performance. Current, thermal sensing and partial discharge capabilities are included and the PCB interface allows simplifies design integration.

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