Shock shakeup at Renesas

June 25, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
Shock shakeup at Renesas
Renesas has replaced its chief executive in a shock move.

Later this week, Renesas CEO Bunsei Kure (above) will be replaced as Representative Director, President and CEO by Hidetoshi Shibata, the company's finance officer.

The move was prompted by recent meetings of Renesas’ Nominations Committee and follows the recent acquisitions of Intersil and IDT and recent poor results.

“In light of the worsening business performance and a huge gap between the targeted financial figures which were set as the mid-term plan in 2016 and our actual performance, the Nomination Committee began its evaluation on whether the current CEO Bunsei Kure is the suitable Executive for recovering Renesas’ business performance and returning the company to a growth trajectory,” said the company in a strongly worded statement that is almost unprecedented for a Japanese company.

“The Nomination Committee came to the conclusion that the current President and CEO does not meet the committee’s expectations for the future Executive, and in view of the current situation of the company together with the trends at competitors, the Nomination Committee concluded that a change of management is necessary.”

Shibata joined Renesas in 2013 and the company says he was a key part of the Intersil and IDT deals. “We evaluated Mr Shibata highly for his experience in leading structural reforms, which will enable him to leverage the lessons learned to take effective measures quickly in order to break away from the current unfavourable business performance and stock price stagnation,” said the committee. “When considering the company's rebuilding and further growth amidst the rapidly changing semiconductor industry, we determined that he is best qualified to be the next President and CEO."

 “Whilst we face short-term challenges that require concerted efforts across the company, I believe that Renesas is well placed in our focus markets to continue to create innovative, sustainable solutions for our customers and society at large,” said Shibata.

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