Rambus takes aim at ARM in IoT security: Page 4 of 4

May 21, 2018 //By Nick Flaherty
Rambus takes aim at ARM in IoT security
Rambus has moved from being a patent and technology licensing company to a product and now an IoT services company that wants to take on ARM. Nick Flaherty talks to Jerome Nadel, the chief marketing officer, on where the company is heading, from cold computing to secure tokens.

All of this is driving the growth of Rambus.

“We look at the turnaround in the growth of the company – I think strategically we have already transformed the company, the seeds have been sown and now we are seeing the growth. But we are not getting credit on the security side.”

A semiconductor company is valued differently from a security company or a software platform IoT company – so where is Rambus going now with its aim to move data quickly and safely?

“We think we have built a viable business with viable licensing revenue, but we have to deploy the security technology more aggressively,” said Nadel. “We hover just below $500m in revenue – once we pass that mark then we have more clout.”

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