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May 21, 2018 //By Nick Flaherty
Rambus takes aim at ARM in IoT security
Rambus has moved from being a patent and technology licensing company to a product and now an IoT services company that wants to take on ARM. Nick Flaherty talks to Jerome Nadel, the chief marketing officer, on where the company is heading, from cold computing to secure tokens.

Does this mean Rambus is competing with ARM’s Trustzone hardware? He points to the fact that a Cybertrust Japan, a division of Softbank, ARM’s owner, picked the Rambus Cryptomanager for IoT device provisioning.

“Trustzone you could look at as a competitor but what we are doing is more architecturally secure. If they need DPA the only way to get that is from us, just saying,” he said.

This led the company into the application space through the acquisition of the assets of Smart Card Software for £64.7m in 2016. This included Ecebs in East Kilbride and Bell Identification (Bell ID) in Rotterdam.

Bell ID pioneered host card emulation and tokenisation that is used as the NFC infrastructure under Apple Pay and Android Pay. A token cryptographically hides the details of the data being sent to open up secure transactions.

“Now we can secure the transaction, whether that’s cryptocurrencies, gift cards, loyalty points as well as cash, and we go all the way up to the user interface (UI), so you can pay in anyway you want as the payment details have been tokenised.”

It is this software layer on top of the secure core that will allow more growth. “We think that at a software level we can get to more markets faster and grow through the software uses of tokenisation,” he said.

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