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February 22, 2021 //By Nick Flaherty
QuantumScape sets up solid state battery pilot line
QuantumScape is setting up QS-0 in California to build solid state battery prototypes for Volkswagen
business through first commercial production targeted for 2024.”

QS has made 4-layer multilayer solid state battery cells in the 30x30mm form factor, with up to 800 cycles at 30°C with over 90% capacity retention at both C/3 and 1C rates. “We now need to make these multilayer cells using our commercial area 70x85mm layers, increase the number of layers, aiming first for four layers and subsequently for 8 to 10 layers by year end,” said Singh.

“We believe that achieving these milestones this year will enable us to deliver our targeted multilayer battery cell as planned, with dozens of layers in the commercial form factor, next year. To increase our capacity, we are ordering new automation and production tools, including an automated stacker and continuous flow heat treatment tools, which we need to install and bring up during the course of the year,” he said.


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