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November 02, 2017 //By Nick Flaherty
Power Trends: The revolution arrives
A revolution in power is here that has been almost 20 years in the making, says Steve Lambouses Vice President of high voltage power at Texas Instruments.

Digital power

Digital control and communications is a key trend for the industry, but analogue controllers still have their place, he says.

“We have quite a few customers using digital controllers but when you get to the high density GaN there isn’t an analogue controller so the digital controllers is the workhorse for that – but we are working on future solutions with similar performance in an analogue controller.”


Despite the consolidation in the power industry and a range of startups in wide bandgap technologies, Lambouses sees TI as already having been through this process.

“I’ll tell you what our CFO says to us: we are going to continue to buy the best company in the industry, which is TI stock with buy backs,” he said. “We like where we are investing internally and that’s our plan right now.”


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