Power management ICs in molded-type ultra-low profile packages

June 21, 2017 //By Julien Happich
Power management ICs in molded-type ultra-low profile packages
Targeting powered smart card applications, Torex Semiconductors has released six series of power management ICs into ultra-low profile packages only 0.33mm high.

These include voltage detectors (XC6129 Series), single type voltage regulators (XC6215 series), load switches (XC8102 series), battery charge ICs (XC6805 series), step-up charge pumps (XC9801/XC9802 series), step-down DC/DC converters (XC9259 series), all aimed to help smart card manufacturers comply with the ISO/IEC 7810 international standard which specifies the dimensions and thickness of smart cards (54.98x85.60x0.760mm). Models with a display or finger print authentication function have recently appeared, and these advances are expected to create a new demand for power ICs such as voltage regulators and battery charger ICs. Those chips should be sufficiently thin and able to withstand the bending and twisting of the smart card. The molded-type ultra-low profile package was developed to meet these needs better than the CSP package.

Torex Semiconductor - www.torexsemi.com

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