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May 14, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
Power Integrations looks beyond Covid-19
Balu Balakrishnan, president and CEO of Power Integrations, highlights the supply chain challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic
increasingly important part of the mobile ecosystem going forward. OEMs are now thinking strategically about charging like never before, thanks to the higher power needs of 5G, advanced technologies like GaN switches and the emergence of USB-PD and programmable charges that can deliver whatever amount of power is demanded by a mobile device.

For a significant portion of the market, the days of the charger as a disposable commodity are clearly over, he says. “Some OEMs will offer fast in-box chargers to differentiate their handsets and win market share, while others may offer charges only as accessories, letting the consumer choose from a range of lower cost or higher performance options or multiport charges for consumers who own multiple devices.

There are significant changes coming in the market, he says.

“Fixed USB charging ports in homes and offices and hotels are also becoming an important part of the mobile ecosystem. Fast mobile chargers and fixed charging ports not only require higher reliability than standard charges, a particular advantage of our highly integrated products, but also bring higher dollar content. This is especially true of charges with multiple ports since we would typically sell one IC for each output. The use of GaN technology also brings a significant increase in our dollar content,” he said.

The consumer charger market has shielded the company from the fall in automotive.

“In March, we announced that our scale iDriver ICs for silicon carbide MOSFETs, which we introduced last year have achieved AEC-Q100 automotive qualification. This is our third gate driver IC to be qualified for automotive use, a particularly important step as EV market continues to move toward silicon carbide in place of traditional IGBTs,” he said. “While material revenues from EV drive train applications are still a few years away, we believe automotive has the potential to be our largest addressable market in the future, and we continue

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