Power density boost of 48x from new 8x8mm package

May 07, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
A 40V package for MOSFET and LFPAK families combined with the latest chips gives a 48x boost in power density.
Nexperia has launched a 40V package for its MOSFET and LFPAK families which, when combined with its latest chips, gives a 48x boost in power density.

The LFPAK88 40 V range delivers a low RDS(on) of 0.7 mΩ to provide a higher power density in automotive and industrial designs. It replaces larger power packages such as D²PAK and D²PAK-7, and the 8 x 8 mm footprint reduces board area by 60 percent and the height by 64 percent.

Unlike other packages where performance is often limited by internal bond wires, LFPAK88 devices employ the copper-clip and solder die attach construction, resulting in low electrical & thermal resistance, good current spreading and heat dispersal. In addition, the thermal mass of the copper-clip also reduces hot-spot formation which results in improved avalanche energy (Eas) and linear-mode (SOA) performance. The combination of high continuous and demonstrated current rating ID(max)of 425 A and low RDS(on) of 0.7 mΩ in a smaller package size gives a power density of up to 48 times compared to D2PAK devices.


The low-stress gull wing leads provide a more rugged and thermally robust package, delivering reliability levels twice that of the automotive AEC-Q101 qualification. “Combining the LFPAK88 with our silicon technology results in MOSFETs that deliver 48x the power density of D2PAK,” said Neil Massey, Product Manager at Nexperia.

LFPAK88 MOSFETs are available in both automotive-qualified (BUK) and industrial (PSMN) grades. Automotive applications include braking, power steering, reverse battery protection and DC-DC converters, where the space-savings that can be achieved by using the devices is particularly useful in dual-redundant circuits. Industrial applications include battery-powered power tools, professional power supplies, and telecoms infrastructure equipment. 

More information on the new 40V LFPAK88 MOSFETs, including product specs and datasheets is available at  www.nexperia.com/lfpak88

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