Power and ground-only VPX backplanes for high speed designs

September 02, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
Power and ground-only VPX backplanes for high speed designs
Backplanes from Elma have the flexibility to meet VPX, OpenVPX, CMOSS, HOST, SOSA and custom requirements with data rates up to 100 Gbit/s

Elma Electronic has expanded its line of power- and ground-only VPX backplanes to include flexible design options for high speed, open standards-based system architectures. 

These include OpenVPX, CMOSS- and HOST-compliant hardware as well as systems aligned to The Open Group Sensor System Open Architecture (SOSA) Technical Standard or custom designs.

This allows system designers to test and build open standards-based embedded systems and reduce development time using the new backplanes. Available with or without apertures, they accommodate a range of high-speed RF and optical connectors. The expanded range of power- and ground-only backplanes are designed for next-gen data rates of 40 Gbps and up to 100 Gpbs.

“For an embedded designer moving a system to market, development time and ease of use are critical. By freeing up all available pins during system development, these new power- and ground-only backplanes enable rapid test and retest of different profile configurations,” said Ram Rajan, Sr. VP of Engineering with Elma Electronics.

Aside from the pins assigned for 3.3V, 5V and 12V power, and the defined ground and utility planes, all pins are user-defined. The rear connectors are all fully populated and can be accessed with Elma’s slot-to-slot or slot-to-I/O bulkhead cable assemblies for system development.


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