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September 01, 2017 //By Nick Flaherty
Polymer system suppresses battery fires
GelTech Solutions in the US has launched a modular fire extinguisher system for lithium ion battery packs in vehicles and stationary power systems.

"These systems will continue to degrade as the batteries go through more and more charging cycles, just as your cell phone holds less and less charge over time. Eventually an increasing number of batteries will fail and fires will be more prevalent. Our FireIce Lithium Battery Active Suppression Kit, is simple and affordable, and has been designed to address this need by providing a flexible modular system that can be tailored to most any installation, delivering FireIce ST and its unique suppression properties, capable of withstanding several thousands of degrees, where it is needed to both cool and encapsulate the batteries in a module, preventing a runaway event."

Founded by inventor and chief technology officer Peter Cordani, GelTech’s products include FireIce, Soil2O Dust Control products that reduce airborne particulate matter with minimal environmental impact and GT-W14, an advanced absorbency technology to control fluid spills of all sizes, turning liquids into solid waste for easier and safer disposal.



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