Perovskite solar panel startup raises $4.6m

December 31, 2018 // By Nick Flaherty
Perovskite solar panel startup raises $4.6m
A US startup designing and manufacturing lightweight solar panels using perovskite materials has raised $4.6m as part of a $6.6m investment round.

The team at Swift Solar in Colorado includes leading solar technologists from Stanford, MIT, Cambridge (UK), Oxford (UK), and the University of Washington, with expertise in perovskite photovoltaic technology and scale-up. Swift’s core technologies range from new solar cell architectures to specialized manufacturing techniques initially developed in the labs at Stanford and MIT. The details were included in a financial filing in the US.

Perovskite materials can be used for thin film solar panels that are lighter than today's panels for mobile applications. The technology is increasing in efficiency with recent research now showing comparable results to silicon. Other research is extending the lifetime of the cells.

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