Perovskite pioneer Oxford PV looks past Covid-19

June 22, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Oxford PV looks past Covid-19 at its pilot line in Germany
Perovskite tandem cell maker Oxford PV is moving forward with its production line in Germany despite the challenges with Covid-19 and its equipment supplier says the CEO, Frank Averdung.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had limited impact on the development of a European production line for perovskite tandem solar cells, and the recent upheaval in equipment will not be an issue, says the chief executive of Oxford PV .

The company is building a 125MW production line for tandem silicon and perovskite solar cells in Germany, based on technology from the University of Oxford and manufacturing equipment from Meyer Burger in Switzerland.

Meyer Burger last week announced a move away from supplying manufacturing equipment and plans to buy a plant where it can make cell, modules and panels. This has potential impact on Oxford PV, where Meyer Burger is a major investor with 18 percent of the company:  MEYER BURGER TO RAISE $165m FOR EUROPEAN SOLAR PANEL MANUFACTURING MOVE

“The pilot is relatively small and has been up and running for the last two and a half years and that has helped us to scale, taking the cells from the lab in Oxford for test cells and test for lifetime.  That  is running smoothly, even through Coronavirus, and we split into teams working on alternate weeks,” said Frank Averdung, CEO of Oxford PV.  

“With our manufacturing line we have received all the heterojunction equipment which is currently being installed and upgrading the facility. We had a three to four week delay in getting the equipment in to prevent infections, but overall it will not have an impact on the timeline. We will have all the equipment in by the end of the year and we do the process introduction for heterojuction cell as well as the perovskite cell, with full production of 125MW by mid year. “

The perovskite tandem cell line is just one part of the process, and so not particularly competing with Meyer Burger across the whole process from cell to panel, he says. “We are focused on the cell production, this is where our key knowledge is

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