Panasonic starts mass production of high speed GaN gate drivers

November 07, 2016 //By Nick Flaherty
Panasonic starts mass production of high speed GaN gate drivers
Marking the move to mainstream adoption of gallium nitride power devices, Panasonic has started mass production of its gate drivers and GaN transistors.

The AN34092B is optimized for driving its GaN power transistor X-GaN, and the company will also start mass production of two types of X-GaN (PGA26E07BA and PGA26E19BA) transistors to provide solutions in combination with the high-speed gate drivers. 

General gate drivers for conventional silicon transistors cannot exploit the potential of GaN transistors as the gate structure of GaN transistors is different, so the AN34092B drives the GaN transistors at frequencies up to 4 MHz that provide space savings in power supply designs, along with a high slew rate that contributes to energy savings. The gate drvier also integrates the active miller clamp function that prevents malfunction during high-speed switching. 

The driver is designed to work with the X-GaN transistor that achieves a 600 V breakdown enhancement mode for various applications such as 100 W to 5 kW power supply units, inverters, data centers, mobile base stations, consumer electronics, audio-visual equipment, industrial and medical devices. 

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