NFC wireless charging reference design

August 27, 2021 // By Peter Clarke
Panthronics offers NFC wireless charging reference design
Panthronics has developed a reference design for an NFC wireless charging system based on its PTX100W wireless charging controller IC.

The reference design allows developers of portable and wearable devices, such as earbuds, smart watches, activity monitoring wristbands and smart glasses to implement the hardware and software needed for an NFC wireless charging system.

The system is based on the PTX100W IC charging station and a standard NFC tag as the listener device.

The PTX100W offers 1W of received power at the listener, plus tolerance of antenna placement. Antenna matching circuitry is required for optimal transmission and reception.

The reference design includes hardware schematics and Gerber files for both the poller and listener circuits, and separate software development kits (SDKs) for the poller and listener. The SDKs include source code for the NFC protocol software, and firmware for controlling charging operations. As well as the PTX100W NFC controller from Panthronics, the reference design also includes microcontrollers from Renesas for system control in the poller and listener circuits, and an Infineon NFC tag on the listener side.

"NFC wireless charging is emerging as the preferred technology for wearable devices because it allows for a small, low-cost antenna and flexible antenna positioning, while supplying up to 1W to the battery, provided the system uses the PTX100W," said Mark Diskson, chief marketing officer at Panthronics, in a statement.

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