MESA smart grid battery standard gathers speed with Draft 4

June 08, 2016 //By Nick Flaherty
Grid battery management block diagram Nuvation
A new draft of the MESA modular energy storage architecture helps address key issues as more international companies join the non-profit open standard.

Draft 4 will include new battery models that expose significant additional measurement and performance data for lithium-ion batteries alongside traditional battery stacks. In addition, it will include definitions for commonly used terms such as “State of Health” and “State of Charge,” which can often be a source of confusion within the energy storage industry. The open standards allow interoperability in communications and control systems for smart grid implementations, reducng costs and encouraging roll outs.

Last month saw  EatonSamsung SDI  and Siemens join MESA to drive the development of communication specifications for energy storage systems. They join over twenty equipment manufacturers, software suppliers, and public and private utilities working on utility-scale, grid-connected energy storage systems.

“Incorporating MESA’s specifications into our products will enhance Samsung SDI’s energy storage offerings and ensure we can provide the best value to our customers,” said Sewoong Park, Head of ESS Business at Samsung SDI. He stated, “As a leading manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, we are committed to lending our support to the development of industry standards to facilitate the evolving smart grid. We can do so with confidence knowing our products will interoperate with world-class power conversion and software from our MESA partners.”

“As an Energy Storage Solutions Provider, MESA’s specifications will address how our components are packaged and communicate with the grid in a pre-defined simple manner, thereby reducing large project design cycles as well as project costs,” added Siemens’ Energy Storage Product Line Manager, Itamar Lopes. 

Nuvation Engineering joined in February 2015 and its 1250 V DC battery management system that scales to a 24 battery-stack configuration for ISO container-housed electrochemical energy storage systems is now conformant with the current Draft 3 of the MESA Device Energy Storage Model. “MESA Draft 3 conformant products share a common communications interface that exposes all the data and control points required for operating the energy storage system,” said John Corman, Vice-President, Engineering and Product Management at Nuvation. “Nuvation BMS can now

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