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March 12, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Magnetic concrete could make wireless EV charging affordable
With a material that is rather unusual in electrical engineering, start-up company Magment plans to revolutionize the inductive charging of electric vehicles: Magnetizable concrete. Above all, this would make automatic charging by means of coils in the roadway affordable. The technology is already being tested in several research projects.

With its technology, Magment was able to bring on board a yet unnamed Chinese investor. The new partner regards wireless charging as an enabler for autonomous driving with electric cars: If it is possible to charge electric vehicles while they are in operation, these vehicles use much smaller batteries. According to Esguerra, the battery can shrink by up to 80% - with consequences for price and weight of the vehicle. "Instead of a 300 kilowatt battery, you only need 60 kW. This much more compact battery can be installed in a space-saving manner between the wheels.” In addition, charging during operation increases battery life because the battery never reaches extreme low charging states. Currently, the amount of power transferred through wireless charging is limited only by the secondary side – the electronic circuitry inside the vehicles. For the infrastructure side, 200 kW are feasible now, 350 kW are “in sight,” Esguerra says. The velocity of the vehicle has only very little influence on transferrable power and efficiency; Magment tested the technology at speeds of 120 kmph.

Cost comparison between various drive concepts 
in public transportation, including wireless charging EV
(Source: Magment) 

Particularly suitable for "Dynamic Wireless Charging" is public transport in cities and urban agglomerations. The electrification of the bus fleet in many countries often fails due to the cost of vehicles whose comparatively large batteries have to be charged overnight. Due to the smaller batteries, electric buses for wireless dynamic charging could be considerably cheaper. The technology is currently being tested in several research projects in China, Finland and Germany; operating models will also be tested.

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