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November 18, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
Magnesium battery uses cathode of fool's gold
A magnesium battery could store terawatts of energy in the power grid using a cathode of iron pyrites nanocrystals.

The researchers primarily see potential in the low cost battery technology in large network storage batteries to store terrawatts of energy. The fool's gold battery is not suitable for electric cars as the output is too low.

"The battery's full potential has not been exhausted yet," said Kovalenko, who teaches as a professor at ETH Zurich's Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences alongside his research at Empa. "If we refine the electrolytes, we're bound to be able to increase the electric voltage of the sodium-magnesium hybrid cell even further and to extend its cycling life.

Further significant gains in the energy density are expected from the development of Na/Mg electrolytes with a broader electrochemical stability window

“We also look for investors willing to support research into such post-Li-ion technologies and bring them to the market," said Kovalenko.

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