Long-life LED for general lighting up to 75.000 hours

November 16, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Long-life LED for general lighting up to 75.000 hours
The market for LED lighting is moving forward very fast and the demand for professional components with long lifetimes and extraordinary robustness is growing. Osram's Osconiq S3030 are state-of-the-art components designed to meet professional demands in various general lighting applications.

The individual components provide flexibility in forward voltage and luminous flux with an exceptional lifetime of 75.000 hours even at high temperatures. Together with an optimized phosphor, lead frame and chip design, the development of the Osconiq S3030 features an efficiency of 146 lm/W. The 0.2W applications are especially suitable for linear lighting and fluorescent tube replacement.
Osconiq S3030 is available in two versions (CRI 70 or 80) with a power rating of 1.0 W at 6 V and a luminous flux of 138 to 148 lm. The footprint of both versions is comparatively small at 3.0x3.0x3.0mm. The colour temperature ranges from 2,700 to 6,500 K. The beam angle of 120° and the extremely low thermal resistance of around 8.9 K/W make the LED suitable for outdoor lighting.

Osram – www.osram.com

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