Lithium ion 6T battery supports 4000 cycles in military vehicles

March 09, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
The 430935A rugged 6T lithium ion battery from Denchi Power supports up to 4000 cycles for military applications
The 430935A rugged lithium ion 6T battery from Denchi Power supports up to 4000 cycles for military applications

Denchi has announced full availability of its 430935 lithium ion 6T battery series for military and defence applications.

These units are capable of delivering a maximum continuous discharge current of 350A, but are of particular value when intense power bursts are required (delivering a 30sec pulse of 1100A).

Supplied in a NATO 6T format (269 x 256 x 230mm), the lithium ion 6T battery units have built-in charging electronics and have completed 12 months of field trials with certain key customers over the last 12 months.

The 6T Li-Ion batteries are used for lighting and ignition systems in a wide variety of military ground vehicles, from main battle tanks (MBTs) right through to armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and light armoured vehicles (LAVs). They can also be used in ‘silent watch’ mode to power electronic sights and communications equipment when the vehicle engine is turned off, which is not possible with conventional lead-acid batteries.

The integrated charger electronics represents a major advantage, saving space and complexity and reducing maintenance requirements. The battery supports over 4,000 recharge cycles, ten times more than lead-acid batteries and substantially better than other Li-Ion systems. This reduces the cost of ownership and alleviating the related procurement effort. The time taken to fit them is also significantly shorter. The packs have a working temperature range of -40°C to +60°C and use internal heaters so that cold start kits can be avoided.

The units have an input voltage range up to 35V and each of the constituent cells can be charged directly to reduce charging times with the current being raised from 45A to 270A (and the sinking of a 500A pulse for a 5sec period being possible). Over-/under-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection mechanisms are included as part of the sophisticated battery management system, as well as self-balancing in order to reduce individual cell aging problems.

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