LEGaTO project shows 100x energy efficiency gains in edge computing

December 09, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
European project shows 100x energy efficiency gains in edge computing
The LEGaTO project has produced a low power heterogeneous cloud-to-edge computing platform, spinning out a full stack RISC-V processor ecosystem

The growth of the Internet of Things, edge and fog computing and the drive to reduce power consumption is putting significant pressure on hardware and software designers.

The three year European LEGaTO project has seen 100x increase in energy efficiency as well as gains on fault-tolerance, security and programmability.

The technologies developed in the project provide up to two orders of magnitude energy savings for five widely applicable use cases, form the IoT to smart homes. The project results will be used in different levels of European academia, research and industry, with EmbeDL as a spin-off company and the development of a RISC-V full stack.

Three European-funded projects will build on the outcomes of LEGaTO.

“The work carried out in LEGaTO has already had a significant impact, improving the  products and services of our industrial partners and influencing a large number of European research projects, relevant standardization bodies and diverse academic programmes” said Osman Unsal, group manager for the Department of Computer Architecture for Parallel Paradigms at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and coordinator of LEGaTO.

A Cloud to Edge Microserver Platform covers most of the domains from cloud, edge and embedded computing by using a microserver architecture and a scalable system. It includes the LEGaTO Edge Server, which was completely designed and built in the project and focuses on edge and embedded applications.

All the components used and developed in the project are arranged in the LEGaTO stack, which gives an overview of the system developed in the project, from use cases to programming model, compiler and high-level synthesis languages, runtime, middleware and hardware.


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