Kinetic enters automotive market with 40V, 6A reverse battery switches

December 31, 2018 //By Nick Flaherty
Kinetic enters automotive market with 40V, 6A reverse battery switches
Kinetic Technologies has launched into the automotive market with two reverse-battery protected load switches with OVP control to protect system loads from harsh environments.

The KTS1640Q and the KTS1641Q switches operate from a wide input supply voltage of 6 volts to 24 volts and can withstand an input voltage up to +40V. Each switch features an internally set overvoltage trip point that will turn-off the switch when exceeded. The devices are aimed at automotive load switching, reverse power supply protection, industrial and medical systems, portable instrumentation and telecom, server and networking systems.

The KTS1640Q has an OVP trip point of 27V, while the KTS1641Q has an OVP trip-point of 20.3V. An active low-enable pin allows the switch to be enabled or disabled, placing the device in low-current shutdown mode, and system monitoring is provided by a fault FLAG. A battery detect pin (BDET) provides an always ON, reverse battery protected input supply that can be used to power controller modules. Over-temperature shutdown safety protection is provided with auto-retry. The KTS1640Q and KTS1641Q is also fully ESD protected to comply with the IEC61000-4-2 (Level 4) specification.

“The move into the Automotive market, signals an important milestone for Kinetic Technologies,” said David Nam, Vice President of Kinetic Technologies, “and cements our position as the leading provider for robust protection and efficient power management solutions. The KTS1640Q and KTS1641Q are our first AEC Q100 qualified products and are specifically designed to protect automotive systems against the rigorous demands of the automotive environment. These 40-volt switches not only protect from reverse battery conditions down to -28 volts, but also feature overvoltage protection, turning off the load if the input voltage exceeds an internally set voltage.”

The KTS1640Q and KTS1641Q are available in an advanced, green compliant, TDFN44-12 package and are fully AEC Q100 qualified, available and shipping now.

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