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February 16, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
BritishVolt founder tries again in Italy
Italvolt aims to built a €4bn battery Gigafactory in Italy following a similar plan for a UK venture

The UK plan initially identified a site with local government backing in South Wales but last month announced a move to a site in Northumberland. The company is also working with Siemens UK on automation and digital twin technology, but has yet to announce significant levels of funding for the project.

Similarly, Italvolt's Gigafactory will be designed by the Architecture division of Turin-based Pininfarina. This time the focus is on a new generation, intelligent and responsible industrial plant with Industry 4.0 automation equipment from Comau, also based in Turin.

Comau, a subsidiary of car maker Stellantis that includes Fiat, will also be responsible for the construction of the Research and Development laboratory which will welcome academics and industrial partners engaged in the development of the most advanced technologies in the electric mobility sector.

The aim is to bring industrial, political and commercial support from a major European car maker, as Amsterdam-based Stellantis also includes the Citroen and Peugeot brands as well as Chrysler after ist merger last month. However these brands are working with battery manufacturers in France on Gigafactory plans.

"With the project of our Gigafactory, Italvolt wants to give an important answer to the historic opportunity of green industrialization, which is affecting all production sectors in a transversal way, with a socio-economic impact. economic which will represent a turning point for the global economy,” said Carlstrom, CEO and founder of Italvolt. “I strongly believe that our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians will be able to achieve the greenest battery production not only in Europe, but around the world. Our goal is to secure the future of the automotive industry and ensure that the supply chain is as green as possible, from start to finish. The socio-economic impact that the new green industrialization brings with it will represent a turning point for the world ”.

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