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January 15, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Israeli startup turns luminaires into wireless power chargers
At CES in Las Vegas, Israeli startup Wi-Charge unveiled the first ever solution of room lighting combined with wireless charging, designed for a café environment. The FDA-approved solution, dubbed LIGHT, can deliver up to 2.5W of power at a distance of up to 5 meters, simultaneously recharging a number of mobile and multimedia battery-powered applications across a room, totalling up to 50Wh/day.

Of course, integration with luminaires is an obvious choice in the long term and eventually the company wants to go that route.

"It fits well with what we do and many lighting manufacturers come to us with that request", agreed the CEO, "but the technology needs to mature a bit, it needs to be accepted by customers before we can target consumers directly. That's why the first transmitter we showed at CES was in a bulb form factor with LEDs, acknowledging the potential for luminaire integration".

Asked if the laser beam from the power transmitter could also serve to encode data for light communication (LiFi-style), Vaisleib doesn't want to confuse potential partners.

"If you look at our early patents, we also patented data connection with those links, and technically, this possibility exists, but commercially, we never found it beneficial as for now it is still way inferior to radio links".

If LiFi became mainstream in 20 years from now, then surely Wi-Charge could integrate it, but for now it considers the application too niche.

On its webpage, the company envision the proliferation of remote charging hotspots in homes, offices and in public areas in a way similar to the adoption of WiFi, freeing mobile devices from all cable connections. It lists in its product catalogue several types of power transmitters, with power delivery capacities ranging from 500mW from a 137x137x59mm unit to 2,500mW for the LED luminaire version.


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